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When you subscribe to "Auction News" you'll have immediate access to our sales database. Updated on a daily basis, this is a  comprehensive source of information relating to current sales of liquidated, bankrupt and surplus plant, machinery, equipment and stock. With the option of a hardcopy delivered to your door every Monday or the online only service at a lower cost, the choice is yours.

"Auction News" doesn't just cover the big sales. By keeping our advertising rates low and offering free linage advertising to auctioneers we make sure you get to hear about those sales conducted on a shoestring budget - the sales where some of most profitable bargains can be found. Many are not advertised elsewhere and assets can often be snapped up for a fraction of their real market value.

In addition to industrial and commercial sales, the website holds details of hundreds of regular non-commercial auctions for items such as household furniture and effects, lost property, private vehicles, antiques, collectors and miscellaneous goods, normally held at auctioneers salerooms

If you've been frustrated at not being able to source the items you require at a competitive price then "Auction News" means:

  • No more telephoning around auctioneers on the off-chance they are planning a sale
  • No more hours wasted scanning through trade magazines, journals and newspapers
  • No more relying on friends and colleagues to keep you informed
  • No more frustrating hit and miss searches using web search engines
  • No more missed opportunities

Endorsed by all the major UK auctioneers, this comprehensive and highly informative publication has been printed weekly for over 50 years. For absolute peace of mind, every subscription comes with a "full satisfaction" money back guarantee. If you have not yet registered you can still view a sample Auction News in pdf format by clicking the links at the foot of this page.

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Auction News Online

Over ten years ago we realised that an online service to compliment the publication would be of tremendous benefit to subscribers. Not only could we offer this "silver" service at a reduced cost, it would make the publication accessible from any computer or mobile device with internet access. At the same time we could help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and use less paper, printing, deliveries, etc. Although many subscribers prefer to receive a hardcopy by post, increasingly people are happy to browse information online. Features available to online users include:

  • Online magazine - View the publication online exactly as it appears in print.
  • Click on embedded links to take you straight to the auctioneers website or search for all occurrences of a particular word or phrase. Includes single click access to the archive where you can view the last 12 issues.
  • Daily email alerts - make sure you stay one step ahead of the crowd with information on the very latest sales, the same day we upload them to our website ! Register up to three categories of interest and you'll be alerted to all matching sales. Gives you the opportunity to make a pre-auction bid for the total assets.
  • My favourites - Save auction listings into your account, which allows for easy retrieval at any time in the future. No longer will you have to trawl through listings and try to find sales you found last time you logged in.
  • Search functions - Perform advanced searches to identify sales by region, date, sale type or enter a keyword search for a specific item or brand.

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Kingsland Multi 125 Metalworker
Ajax Centre Lathe
Colchester Triumph 2000
Excel PKTM 380VA Turret Mill
Kitchen & Wade E25 Radial Arm Drill
SIP Societe Genevoice Borer
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